What medical examination do I need?

Different requirements apply to different events and sports associations. To help you find your way through this jungle of regulations and requirements, we have provided a handy overview below. If you can’t find your way, you can always contact us.

KNWU medical check

Basic examination

Do you want to apply for a KNWU license? Then from season 2018 the medical examination is no longer mandatory. However, it may still be wise to have a medical examination.

Basic-plus medical examination

The basic-plus examination is particularly recommended for juniors. The examination pays specific attention to congenital heart defects and includes a cardiac ultrasound.

Extensive medical examination

If you’re only going to compete at a later age, a more extensive examination is advisable. An exercise test with respiratory gas analysis also determines how your heart, lungs and muscles behave during a top performance.

Did you know that to ride a cyclosportive or granfondo you often need an examination? The examination certificate for this is included when you undergo an extensive sports medical examination.

Alpe d’HuZes

To be able to participate in Alpe d’HuZes you must undergo a mandatory examination beforehand. Which examination applies to you depends on your age and your health situation.


Unfortunately, the organization has chosen to deviate from the uniform naming convention used within sports medicine. This may cause confusion.

  • Alpe d’HuZes basic is comparable with a Basic plus sports medical examination
  • Alpe d’HuZes extensive is comparable with an Extensive sports medical examination


The requirements are fairly similar to those of the French Cycling Union, see also Cyclosportive. The following applies to participation in Alpe d’HuZes 2017:

  • For athletes under 35 years: Basic plus sports medical examination, validity 2 years
  • For athletes over 35 years of age:
  • Extensive sports medical examination is advisable, validity 3 years
  • Basic plus sports medical examination is sometimes sufficient; only after telephone consultation
  • Cancer (previously)? Cardiovascular disease? Comprehensive sports medical examination mandatory, validity 1 year

No examination necessary

In some cases it is not necessary to undergo an examination. The regulations of Alpe d’HuZes mention the following exemptions:

  • Athletes with a KNWU competition license
  • Athletes who previously participated in Alpe d’HuZes and who still have a valid examination

Can you claim an exemption, please contact the organization.

Granfondo or Cyclosportive

Are you going to ride a cyclosportive or gran fondo abroad? Then you hear more and more that you have to prove with a medical certificate that you are healthy. In other words, that there is no objection to ‘competitive cycling’. This is particularly true in France and Italy.

The rules that are used differ per country and per event. Below we give an overview.


Federation FFC (Fédération Française de Cyclisme) must be followed. A distinction is made based on age. The conditions are very similar to participation in Alpe d’HuZes.

  • For athletes under 18 years of age: Basic plus sports medical examination, validity 2 years.
  • For athletes under 35 years: Basic plus sports medical examination, validity 5 years.
  • For athletes older than 35 years: Extensive sports medical examination, validity 5 years.
  • For athletes older than 65 years: Extended sports medical examination, validity 1 year.


The rules in Italy are less clear. The Italian cycling union FCI (Federazione Ciclistica Italiana) recommends a race license from the KNWU in combination with a health statement.

However, the various gran fondo’s all deal with this in their own way. Often they offer day licenses so that a KNWU license is not necessary.

On the day of the gran fondo your health statement should not be more than 6 – 12 months old.

  • For athletes under 35 years of age: Basic plus sports medical examination.
  • For athletes over 35 years: Extensive sports medical examination.

There are exceptions to this. The Gran Fondo Fausto Coppi requires an extended sports medical examination for all participants. On the other hand, for the Maratona you do not need a health declaration if you are in possession of a KNWU license (data 2016).

Given the maze of rules, always read the rules carefully on the website of the event you are participating in. And if necessary, let us read them again. Then you know where you stand.