Indoor training

Virtual riding at least 1.5 meters apart

winter 2022 tune up PROGRAM

This program already started. Please check our website for new upcoming programs.

The registrations for our new indoor cycling program are now open!

Train for € 16,50 per training. Subscribe below! We train one hour every week and spend about 15 minutes on theory in the theme of the workout. The program has a balanced structure of indoor cycling workouts and climbs. You can change day and/or time every week if your regular evening is less convenient.


Program participants can manage their registrations themselves via the link below. This way you can easily change days and/or times.

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Exactly how this is done is explained in this downloadable pdf.
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It goes without saying that we still take a number of important precautions for our training courses. We’ll list them here

  1. If you’ve had any complaints in the last 48 hours, please don’t come.
  2. You can’t take a single lesson with us, only a 8-week program. This gives us a perfect view on our participants and we know exactly who is participating and when.
  3. All our bikes are at least 1.5 meters apart.
  4. The Velodrome is a huge hall, allowing the air to circulate well.


The indoor cycling training we do are always based on your own physical capacities and on wattage per kilogram body weight. Because the bikes only move forward virtually, no one will be left behind. Whatever your level, anyone can participate. Our set-ups with the Tacx Neobike make the cycling feeling much more realistic than on the spin bike or Wattbike. This not only makes the trainings much more fun, but also translates 1 on 1 to the practice outside. The trainings are not only good for the condition, but because you also have to actively change gears and change standing/sitting while climbing, you also learn a lot. In addition, you will always cycle with a group, taking each other to a higher level!


Within our Cyclinglab, everything is ready for you and over 1.5 meters apart. We have 12 set-ups with the latest software, where your training can be uploaded to Strava. Tacx Neobike’s are already ready and can be adjusted perfectly for everyone (Tip: measure your saddle height at home!). Even cycling shoes are ready for you if you want to.


It is possible to book a clinic with a group of up to 12 people, for example with your friends, cycling club or company. Explore for example the Sella Ronda in preparation for the Dolomites Marathon or test if you manage to ride the Alpe d’Huez within the hour. For questions, prices and appointments please contact us via

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