Triathlon training plans

  Triathlon is a challenging sport that is more than the sum of its parts. Do you come from a cycling background, or do you have running experience? Every athlete is different and that’s why every athlete deserves a personal, individual approach with different triathlon training programs. At Cyclinglab we give you the attention you deserve.

Improving in three disciplines at the same time is an exercise physiological juggling act. Fortunately we have triathlon specialist Maarten van Kooij at Cyclinglab Maastricht. Maarten has many years of successful experience in coaching triathletes and is not an undeserving triathlete himself.


2 exercise tests and 3 months triathlon training plans

To get acquainted or just to prepare for your goal, we offer a special triathlon training package at a very advantageous rate. This package is an ideal training program for beginners.

With an initial exercise test we accurately determine the heart rate and power zones as well as the basic condition. Based on this we determine the strengths and weaknesses and what will need to be done in the coming months. We discuss the training possibilities and how you will progress as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Then we will work with monthly training plans for three months. After these three months we will measure to what extent you have made progress with another exercise test. This also means that we accurately record the heart rate and power zones again, so that you can start your goal with the most accurate test data.

Package: €499,-



For the triathlete with a goal in mind

Not every triathlete is the same and not all goals are the same. Whether the goal is a PR on the 1/8th triathlon or running an Ironman, every triathlete will benefit from structured guidance tailored to your situation. We offer this coaching with three different types of subscriptions increasing in price based on the number of contact moments. Our trainers are movement scientists with extensive experience in the triathlon. In addition, our coaching always includes a premium Today’s Plan account. Ready to really get to work on your goal?

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To get off to a good start we always charge €25,- start-up costs. This way the trainer can get to know you better and take the time to explain the training software properly.

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Injury, motivation problems or stress at work? Our support is always 4 weeks a year without extra costs to take a break.