Bike fit

Movement analysis by scientists

We work with the most advanced measuring systems, such as Retul and Gebiomized, but it is our movement scientists who carry out the bikefitting. After all, just like a good carpenter, it’s not about the quality of the hammer, but about the one who holds it.


How we do it

We do not only look at the bike adjustment, but we start with an analysis of the entire body.

  • Intake interview and extensive physical screening
  • Seatbone width and footwell dimensions
  • Retro motion analysis
  • Saddle analysis with dynamic pressure measurement
  • Cleats / soles adjustment with any shims and wedges
  • Bikefitting report with the new bicycle adjustment.
  • The immediate adjustment of the bicycle adjustment for as far as possible.
  • Extensive range of test saddles
  • Re-check 4 weeks later.


No human movement scientist in the world can predict exactly how the body will react to the new cycling position. That’s why a recheck four weeks later is always included in the price. This way we can fine-tune the adjustment or measure up a new bike.

For whom

We fit every level of cyclist, from the pro who is looking for more efficient pedaling to the recreational cyclist who just wants to sit on the bike complaint-free. Unfortunately we experience more than once that people think that certain complaints are just part of cycling, while a good bikefitting turns out to deliver wonders.
Our bikefitting is also for every type of bike. We have extensive experience in fitting road bikes, time trial bikes, track bikes, MTB’s and even beach bikes.


We always ask you to bring your current bike, because those measurements can tell us a lot. We also strive to give you advice without having to buy a new bike right away, but there is always a measuring bike ready to find the perfect setup for you.

Price & Appointment

We offer two types of bikefits:

  • The complete bikefitting we offer includes an extensive physical screening by our cycling physiotherapist. This fit takes 3 hours and costs a total of €279,-. This is especially intended for cyclists with obvious physical complaints that manifest themselves both on and possibly also outside cycling.
  • Do you experience no physical defects at all and would you like to check, for example, whether you are properly on your bike or in the market for a new bike? Then we recommend the bikefit without intake from our physiotherapist. It takes 2.5 hours, costs €249 and contains all the components listed on the left except for the extensive physical screening.

Of course you can also take two bikes with you. For example, if you bring your time trial bike as well as a road bike, this will cost €100,- extra. When you bring a second bike you can let us know with the appointments module via the link below.


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