Bike fit

Movement analysis by scientists

We work with the most advanced measuring systems, such as Retul, which our scientists use to carry out the bikefitting. After all, just like a good carpenter, it’s not about the quality of the hammer, but about the one who uses it.

How we do it

We first perform an analysis of the entire body to get a clear view of the client’s problems and wishes. Afterwards, we adjust the bike setup step-by-step to reach the optimal position.

  • Intake interview andextensive physical screening
  • Sitbone width and footwell dimensions
  • Dynamicmotion analysis
  • Cleats / soles adjustment includingshims and wedges
  • Extensive range of test saddlesand (customized) insoles
  • Bikefitting report with the new bicycle setup and adjustments
  • Advice on bike parts such as seat, stem, and handlebar


A human body adapts to training and in the same way a human adapts to a bike position. When you have done a bikefitting, you can fine-tune the position after a period of training, you can measure up a new bike, or you can just check if everything is still okay. This service costs €100,- and is only available for clients who have done a bikefitting with us in the past 24 months

For whom

We fit every level of cyclist, from the pro who is looking for a more efficient pedaling stroke to the recreational cyclist who just wants to ride the bike without complaints. Unfortunately we often experience that people think that certain complaints are just part of cycling, while a good bikefitting can deliver wonders.
Our bikefitting for every type of bike and we have extensive experience in fitting road bikes, time trial bikes, MTB’s and even beach bikes.


We can use the measuring bike in case you are thinking of buying a new bike. The measuring bike can be adjusted to any bike, such that we can give a detailed advice for the purchase of a new bike. However, we always ask you to bring your current bike, because those measurements can inform us a lot as well.

Price & Appointment

We offer two types of bikefits:

  • Do you want to perfectly sit on your current bike or do you consider buying a new bike? If so, we recommend the standard bikefit. It takes 1,5 hours, costs €269, and contains all the components listed on the left except for the extensive physical screening by our physiotherapist.
  • The complete bikefitting includes an extensive physical screening by our cycling physiotherapist. This fit takes 2 hours and costs a total of €299,-. This is especially intended for cyclists with obvious physical complaints that manifest themselves both on- and possibly also off the bike.

Of course you can also take two bikes with you. For example, if you bring your road bike as well as your gravel bike, this will cost €100,- extra. When you bring a second bike you can let us know with the appointments module via the link below


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