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2 exercise tests and 3 months cycling training plans €449,-

The best cycling training plan for beginners. During your first exercise test, we will accurately determine your power and heart rate zones. On the basis of this, we determine what your strengths and weaknesses are and what will need to be done in the coming months. We will discuss the training possibilities and how you will progress as efficiently and effectively as possible with a personal cycling training program.

Then you will work for three months with one of the coaches on a four-weekly basis. After these three months there will be another exercise test to determine your progress, and to see where you are at that moment. This also means that once again the power and heart rate zones are accurately determined and you can start your goal with the most accurate test data.

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This is the best cycling training plan for beginners. After 3 months of serious training and testing you will be a much better cyclist!

Introduction course



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