Exercise test

Measuring is knowing

With an exercise test you get an extensive analysis of your level and capabilities. We also use lactate measurements to determine your power and heart rate zones. You will also see how well your endurance, threshold and anaerobic capacity has developed. Finally, there is always an extensive debriefing, in which we even calculate how long you would spend on the Marmotte and Mont Ventoux and where you stand in relation to your peers. In addition, you will always go out with specific training advice!



  • Long test protocol to determine your zones more accurately
  • Measuring weight and fat percentage
  • Exercise test on your own bike
  • Determination of aerobic and anaerobic threshold with lactate measurement
  • Determination of heart rate and power zones
  • Report with test results and comparison of level with other riders
  • Extensive discussion with report and training advice

For whom

The exercise test is meant for every cyclist who wants to know what he/she is capable of, and who wants to make progress and train in a responsible way. We always advise to do a test at least once a year to know where you stand and to be able to adjust your training regime accordingly.


A frequently asked question is the difference between an exercise test and a sports medical examination. Below you will find more information about this.

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An exercise test takes an hour and a half and costs €179. If you do a second test within 6 months, you pay €159,- for the second test. After scheduling the appointment you will receive a confirmation and extra information so that you can come and do the test well prepared.

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