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Sometimes you want to know if you are healthy before you start working on your condition. With increasing age, unfortunately, the risk of physical complaints and cardiovascular diseases increases. In addition, the KNWU advises you to do a sports examination before your competitions and foreign events (Marmotte, Maratona, Alpe d’HuZes) require a sports medical examination. For these sports medical tests, but also for an (injury) consultation, or for advice on physical complaints you can contact our sports doctor.


At Cyclinglab we work together with Eelco Weijmans, sports physician at De Beweegspecialist Sportartsen. They can help you find the right solution in case of medical complaints. You can do the exercise test on your own bicycle, since we use the Cyclus-2 bike ergometer.

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Our sports physicians meets the SCAS quality mark, which means that your consultation or sports examination will be reimbursed by your health insurance.

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An injuryClumsy and often at a time when you had very different plans. For a thorough examination, diagnosis and/or advice you can contact our sports doctor.
During the consultation, the nature of your injury or complaint in relation to your sport will be asked. A physical examination will also be carried out.
If necessary, the help of the physical therapist can be called in during the consultation. For example we need to request additional research. In this way we will make sure that you will be back on your bike as soon as possible.
With a referral from your general practitioner, your consultation will be reimbursed under the basic insurance. Depending on your insurer, we will ask you to sign a power of attorney in advance.

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Also for sports examinations or just to see if you are healthy you can go to the sports doctor for a sports medical examination. Depending on the purpose of the examination, different examinations can be chosen.

Sports medical examinations

Below you will find our various sports medical tests and you can immediately make an appointment.

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What do I need?

Different events and sports associations are subject to different requirements. In order to get a bit of guidance in this jungle of studies and obligations, contact us.

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