The cycling physiotherapist

Besides taking care of the bike, sometimes the body needs a little extra attention as well. That’s why Cyclinglab offers physiotherapy with an specialized eye for cycling related complaints.


An accident can happen at any time that could lead to physical injuries. At this point the question is not how to prevent it, but how to treat it in the best possible way. A crash, overtraining or work-related complaints can get in the way of the joy of cycling. Our physiotherapists, whom are knowledgeable and have experience in cycling, can point out the physical problems quickly and try to get you back on the bike in no time.


Every complaint and every body is different. That is why every treatment plan is different. Our physiotherapist will first get a general view of your physical complaints before a physio trajectory is mapped out. Physiotherapy is covered by the supplementary insurance and we are affiliated with all known health insurance companies.


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