The cycling physiotherapist

Not only the bike, but also the body sometimes needs a little extra attention. That’s why Cyclinglab offers physiotherapy with an extra eye for cycling related complaints.


An accident is in a small corner and sometimes in a tight one. Usually the question is not how to get it, but how to get rid of it as quickly as possible. A crash, overburdening or work-related complaints can get in the way of cycling fun. Our physiotherapist with brains and experience in cycling puts his finger on the sore spot just a bit faster and gets you back on the saddle in no time.


Every complaint and every body is different. That is why every treatment plan is different. Together with our physiotherapist you will draw up the damage during the first appointment and he will map out the route to be followed. Physiotherapy is covered by the supplementary insurance. Of course, we are affiliated with all known health insurers.


This can easily be done online in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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