Training plans

Good or bad workouts do not exist, there is only a good or bad combination of workouts. Whether a training is good or bad depends on the moment of the workout and the individual. Depending on your level, goals, experience and available time a coach makes a personal training schedule. This training schedule is drawn up in the most advanced online training software of the moment: Today’s Plan and based on heart rate and/or power zones. By uploading the data at the end of your training, we can analyze how things are going and steer you towards your goal.

For whom

Training plans are there for everyone. Whether you bought a bike recently or participate in the Tour de France, we coach everyone. The scientific basis is the same for everyone, whatever your goal is. Of course, the frequency and intensity of contact with your coach varies depending on the goal you have in mind. In addition, your coach will support you with a training schedule and he can provide you with (basic) nutrition tips for on and off the bike, tactical tips and help you with material selection. Based on how much support and adjustment you want, we have different subscriptions. Below you will find our rates.