registration Cyclinglab new winter Tune-up program 2022

You can currently subscribe for our new 8 week indoor program. The program starts the week of February 7th and ends the last week of March.

In principal you train every week on a fixed time and day 8 weeks for € 132,- including a JOIN Cycling premium subscription for 2 months. That way you get to know the other participants and the trainer. Of course sometimes this doesn’t fit in your calendar. Then you can easily change the day and/or time online through our booking system as long as there is an open spot in another class. You never have to miss a lesson!

You register for 8 weeks at once. It is not possible to participate in only one or a couple of classes.

Choose you day and time below. You will be asked to register or to log in. With these credentials you can also switch classes for time to time. After your payment through Ideal you will get a confirmation right away.

Choose your day and time

Monday 20:00

Tuesday 18:45

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Wednesday 20:00

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Signing up

Step 1. Click on the link above for your day and time.

Step 2. If this is your first time, then click “Inloggen” first to create an account.

Step 3. Next click on “nieuwe gebruiker aanmaken”.

Stap 4. After your payment is received you’ll get a confirmation email. If something goes wrong or is unclear, please send us an e-mail on

8 week tune-up program

Week Workout Type training
1 Cyclinglab FTP-test Test
2 Ronnestad intervals Erg training
3 3 min Strenght + 2 min threshold  Erg training
4 Movie long climb Film
5 Vo2max Pyramid Erg training
6 3 sets Sweetspot with Bursts Erg training
7 1′ Vo2max + threshold Erg training
8 Final test/movie long climb Film